Raw Virgin Hair is a completely different type of hair not sold in stores. It is donated hair that comes from Virgin hair donors that have their hair pulled back in a pontytails and cut, after that the hair is drawn together to make wefted hair. The hair is Completely chemical and dye free hair that can be straightened, curled, and used over and over for up to a year or longer. The cuticles on Raw Virgin Hair are all aligned and flow in the same direction from when it was cut from the donors head. It is the most sought after type of hair in the hair industry right now due to its longevity along with its natural blending texture. Raw Virgin Hair isn't from Asia and is imported from Kuala Lumpur, Europe, and Brazil. The texture color, look and feel of Raw Virgin hair differs greatly from the hair bought in the Beauty Supply Stores and with most High End companies. Please do not be fooled into thinking that the so called “High End Remy or Remi” hair sold in those stores and online is true Virgin or great quality hair. 2 weeks to 1 month or even a month and a half is as long as your hair will last if bought from these stores unfortunately.  

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